Make Delicious Desserts with a Pastry Chef on Valentine’s Day - 4food

Date: 02/14/12
Hours: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Price: $40.00
286 Madison Ave - (914) 861-5032
NY, NY 10016

Description: - Whip up chocolate mousse, cannoli cream and chocolate dipped strawberries - Host Khahlidra Levister is an accomplished pastry chef and executive VP of 4food - Buffet dinner, craft beer, red and white sangria included in price There’s something classic about chocolates on Valentine’s Day. But why just buy a box of something sweet when it’s far more romantic to make stuff together? Get to know the complexities of cannoli cream, dip strawberries into molten chocolate, and whip up a pretty decadent chocolate mousse on Valentine’s evening with the help of accomplished pastry chef Khahlidra Levister at the commissary kitchen of 4food — an eco-friendly business in midtown that’s pioneering a way to de-junk fast food. While you’re waiting for your sweet creations to cool down, feast on a family-style dinner. Craft beer and sangria will be served throughout the experience. By the time you’re done dining, your delicious desserts will be wrapped and ready to enjoy at home (if you can keep you hands off them till then).