Shen Yun Performing Arts - The David H. Koch Theater

Date: 04/20/13 through 04/28/13
Ages: All
Price: $70-$200
20 Lincoln Center Plaza - 800-818-2393
New York, NY 10023

Description: Shen Yun Performing Arts features traditional Chinese culture as it was meant to be -- a beautiful blend of artistry, energy, and grace. Dozens of dancers in dazzling costumes move in seamless, flowing patterns. A live orchestra blends East and West, thunderous drums shake the stage, and spectacular backdrops transport you to another world. See ancient legends of virtue brought to life alongside modern tales of courage. Hear soaring songs by masterful vocalists that will move and inspire. Experience a sense of grandeur and enchantment like no other with this unique, thrilling, and unforgettable performance!