Spider Soiree - Stamford Museum and Nature Center

Date: 07/14/12
Hours: 4-6pm
Ages: TOD,YE
Price: $55 for 1 adult/child; $25 for each additional person
39 Scofieldtown Road - 203-322-1646
Stamford, CT 06903

Description: Spiders are invited to this annual summer tea. Dine on treats such as "Ants on a Log" and "Beetle Crackers" while drinking "Bug Juice" and iced tea. Meet some live tarantulas, insects and insectivores up close, make a spider frame for the garden and get a special tour of a live tarantula exhibit. Participants have a chance to have their picture taken holding a live tarantula. Space is limited to 30 adults and 30 children. Register by calling 203-977-6521.