'Sarazad and The Monster-King' - Canal Park Playhouse

Date: 09/08/12 through 09/30/12
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1pm, 4pm
Ages: All
Price: $18
508 Canal St. - 1-866-811-4111
Lower Manhattan, NY 10001

Description: A whimsical re-imagining of "Scheherazade" or "The 1001 Arabian Nights," Sarazad is a shy 9-year-old girl who loves to escape into a world of books, story-telling, and imaginary friends. When the kids at school bully her for being different, Sarazad retreats into Storyland, where she meets the grumpy Monster King. But things change when Sarazad weaves her tales for him, and soon he discovers the power of friendship. Sarazad leaves Storyland realizing that her stories can make a difference, and she returns to school to use them to prevail.