'Unlocking the Nine Locks: Fairy Tales' - The Provincetown Playhouse

Date: 11/04/12
Hours: 3pm
Price: $5
133 MacDougal St. - 212-998-5867
Greenwich Village, NY 10012

Description: Internationally acclaimed storyteller Laura Simms takes the audience beyond the fairy tales collected and retold by the Grimm Brothers to remarkable stories from the deep forests of the Caucusus, South Africa, and Salish Tribes of NW United States. Fairy tales, profound templates offering clues for understanding and rebalancing lives, are utterly engaging and delightful stories. Laura Simms is a riveting storyteller. Laura Simms, recent recipient of the National Storytelling Network's Lifetime Achievement Award, is a storyteller, teacher, writer, and activist dedicated to compassionate action in the world. Her dramatic and compelling performances have won her numerous awards and world-wide recognition. Her most recent book is "Our Secret Territory."