'Cinderella' - West End Theater

Date: 11/04/12
Hours: 12:30pm
Price: $10 advance; $12 door
263 W. 86th St. - 212-868-4444
Upper West Side, NY 10024

Description: A riotous new take on the familiar story of a young girl dispossessed by her murderous stepmother and wicked stepsisters. Her friendship with two magical birds (played by puppets) helps her go to the Three Day Ball, where she meets a socially awkward Prince Dreamboat with whom she plays Crazy Eights and compares notes on Ornithology. His parents, the king and queen (also puppets) are eager to marry him off so they can return to Boca. Now, if only he were able to get that darned slipper to slip onto one of the girls in the kingdom, most of whom are so desperate to marry royally that they would whittle their feet for a fit.