'Little Red Riding Hood' - Galli Theater Midtown

Date: 10/06/12
Hours: 2pm
Price: $20 adults; $15 kids
347 W. 36th St. - 212-731-0668
Hell's Kitchen, NY 10018

Description: Little Red Riding Hood is the fairy tale story of a little girl who is seduced by a mean and witty wolf, and then devoured. In Galli's adaptation, as well as in the original Brother Grimm's story, Little Red has to wait in the dark belly reunited with her grandmother, who has also been swallowed, until the hunter comes and frees them both. In this time of darkness, hope is the only thing that keeps them both alive. Little Red engages its audience in song, dance, and comedy along her journey to grandmother's house. The Wolf is almost likable and definitely funny when he asks the kids to howl along and to help him find Little Red.