Aphotic - Galapagos Art Space

Date: 10/19/12
Ages: 21+
Price: $25
16 Main Street - 646-205-2722
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Description: Aphotic (www.aphoticnyc.com) is an interactive dance and digital video performance, integrating experimental animation with motion tracked, live choreography. Created site-specific to the Galapagos Art Space and visualized through a series of five video projectors, a vacillating environment will surround the audience. Broadening the existing techniques of dance and motion tracking, this performance provides a groundbreaking, surrealist approach to visual narrative. Following three generations of women as they struggle to survive in an ever-changing environment, three walls of projection will provide the backdrop for a mesmerizing story told through a montage of movement and light. The performance includes elements of aerial, contortion, modern dance and martial arts from some of New York City's most innovative and adventurous performers, and a sprinkling of surprises throughout the night. Aphotic is both a benefit and a precursor for a short film, "Development" (visit Development's process website here), starting production late this fall. Starring: Seanna Sharpe (Choreographer) Sarah Sadie Newett Megan Hornaday Rachel Hsuing Directed by: Drew Arnold Projection work: Jason Aston Matt Swenson Followed by live video/audio performances by: Rui Pereira and Michael Clemow - performing 'Philament(s)' Winslow Porter Matt Swenson