When It's Time to Change: How to Help Your Child Manage Life's Big and Small Transitions - Rutgers Community Programs

Date: 11/05/12
Hours: 9:30am
Ages: AD
236 W. 73rd St. - 212-877-8227 x212
Upper West Side, NY 10023
rutgerschurch.org or www.facebook.com/rutgerscommunityprograms

Description: Do you and your little one struggle with things like bedtime or leaving the playground? Are you anxious about how your child will respond to starting preschool, or becoming a big sibling? Psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Michelle Canarick is offering a free workshop to help you and your children successfully navigate both large and small transitions. Dr. Canarick combines both practical techniques for making transitions smooth, with support for parents around the feelings that changes can bring. Her approach is grounded in the concept of empathy, for your child and yourself, and the importance of understanding your feelings as well as your child's. This workshop is ideally suited for families with children age 5 and younger. RSVP required: contact Jennifer at jmoore@rutgerschurch.org or 212-877-8227 x212.