The Loon's Necklace and Pocahontas: Ambassador of the New World (Film) - Garvies Point Museum and Preserve

Date: 11/15/12
Hours: 2pm
Ages: All
Price: $3; $2 children 5-12
50 Barry Drive - 516-571-8010
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Description: A Native American legend about how the loon got his "necklace," specially colored feathers around his neck. Ceremonial masks carved by Indians of British Colombia reflect the Indian's sensitivity to nature. This presentation is followed by Pocahontas: Ambassador of the New World. Popular history remembers Pocahontas for a single act of courage, yet she had a vision of peaceful cooperation between the European settlers and her own people that was revolutionary in its modernity, despite jeopardizing her own safety.