Billy Witch - Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

Date: 11/10/12
Hours: Thur., Fri, 8pm; Sat 2pm & 8pm
Ages: TE,AD
Price: $18
30-44 Crescent St. - 866-811-4111
Entrance on 30th Rd
Astoria, NY 11102

Description: Teens can enjoy this quirky, creepy, bawdy comedy, where 14-year old Oliver braves the wilderness to discover change at sleepaway camp. From twisted first sexual encounters, to spooky campfire stories unfolding before his eyes, Oliver's time at camp is anything but normal. The play takes place during two days at summer camp, and is reminiscent of certain teen-genre and horror movies such as Meatballs and Friday the 13th. Tickets may be purchased on-line or in-person at the Theatre Box Office, 30 minutes prior to the performance. Children under 14 not permitted.