Let's Talk About Talking: Speech and Language Development in Children - In Good Company Offices

Date: 11/29/12
Hours: 7pm
Ages: AD
Price: $39
16 W. 23rd St. - 973-223-0790
Chelsea, NY 10010

Description: How do we encourage language? Why is language important to cognitive development? What do we do when we can't understand a child? What can we do when language doesn't seem to be progressing? When should parents seek the help of professionals? Rachel Fisch-Kaplan, clinical director and senior speech language pathologist at CommuniKids, will answer these questions and many more in this interactive discussion. Rachel's approach to speech and language intervention is one where she actively collaborates with parents and teachers to foster development in children with speech and language delays. Her naturalistic therapy style relieves anxiety and promotes language learning through everyday routines and activities. Rachel Fisch-Kaplan MS CCC-SLP, is the clinical director of CommuniKids, a speech, language and occupational therapy center with offices in New York City and Summit, New Jersey.