Studio Sunday with Cathy Rosamond - Museum of Arts and Design

Date: 01/06/13
Hours: 2pm
Ages: YE,TW,TE
Price: $10
2 Columbus Circle - 212-299-7727
Columbus Circle, NY 10019

Description: On the first Sunday of the month, join a professional artist to explore the galleries followed by a hands-on workshop inspired by the objects in the exhibition. This program is suitable for ages 6 and older. At MAD, the goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn through their hands while having a good time in the galleries and studio. This inter-generational workshop will focus on actively engaging with the exhibition The Art of Scent. There will be fun and thought-provoking discussions on how to interpret and translate what you smell into other senses, especially the more "tangible" senses like seeing and touching. What color does the smell of a certain perfume evoke? What would the smell of ocean feel like in texture?