Response to Hurricane Sandy: What's Next? - Adelphi University-University Center Ballroom

Date: 01/11/13
Hours: 9am-4pm
Ages: AD
Price: $35
1 South Avenue - 800-233-5744
Garden City, NY 11530

Description: The emotional, as well as the physical impact of Hurricane Sandy can linger for many months or even years. Most survivors will cope adequately and recover with time - particularly if they receive the right support. Learning to deliver Psychological First Aid will prepare clinicians and responders to address the current and ongoing needs of adults, families, and children impacted by the storm. The instructors will provide the opportunity to learn and practice the full evidence based, modular, skills-based approach. They will use illustrative video vignettes, case discussion and interactive opportunities to practice in a full-day training designed for practitioners and responders to develop the specific skills to offer Psychological First Aid. This program will help to promote resilience in the face of acute and ongoing stressors.