OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Nature's Most Extreme - Stamford Museum and Nature Center

Date: 02/01/13
Hours: 6-6:45pm (Ages 3 - 6); 7-8 pm (Ages 6 and older)
Ages: All
Price: $8
39 Scofieldtown Road - 203-322-1646
Stamford, CT 06903

Description: All animals have special adaptations enabling them to survive in their particular habitats. Meet king snakes capable of eating rattlesnakes, a hedgehog that sees deadly scorpions as a possible snack, a non-toxic poison dart frog, an African bullfrog that can sleep for more than a year and Taiga, the Eurasian Eagle Owl with a potential wingspan of up to six feet. Discover the amazing adaptations that make these Animal Embassy's "Most Extreme." Pre-registration is required. To register call 203-977-6521.