Integrating Movement with Learning: Sensory Processing and Neuron-Do® Martial Arts How and why can movement improve learning? - Norwalk City Hall

Date: 02/07/13
Hours: 7-9pm
Ages: AD
125 East Ave. - 203-761-0680
Norwalk, CT 06850

Description: Terri R. Epstein, an occupational therapist with a specialty in sensory integration, will explain sensory processing and the importance of sensory regulation for learning. She will discuss and demonstrate techniques that help regulate a child physically and ways to incorporate the concept of a "sensory diet" throughout the day -- at home and at school -- to allow children to be more present and available for learning. Dr. Douglas DeMassa will discuss how his brain-based martial art, Neuron-Do®, integrates physical movement with learning to help students improve attention, endurance, short-term memory skills, impulse control, time-on-task, visual tracking, balance, coordination, and self-confidence.