The Belly Ache Opera - Teatro SEA

Date: 01/19/13
Hours: 3pm
Ages: All
Price: $18 adults, $15 children
107 Suffolk Street - 212-529-1
New York, NY 10011

Description: What do you get when you combine Opera and Plena (an Afro-Caribbean music from Puerto Rico)? A fun-filled farce sung with popular lyrics, which narrates the story of a gluttonous boy and the experience that changed his life. Furthermore, La Plenópera educates audiences on the cultural origins of historical and musical expressions of Puerto Rico, while making them laugh out load. A young boy has an immense problem: his gluttony! He eats everything! But, what's even worse, his mother Doña Suncha, ignores his behavior. One day, the boy suffers a severe bellyache, and in turn, his mother calls the Doctor. Once at the Hospital, the Doctor takes care of the boy and realizes it is necessary to reprimand Doña Suncha for letting him eat whatever he wants. He also says it is necessary to "operate" on the boy in order to treat his condition. Hearing this, Doña Suncha, now desperate, visits Josefina, a woman from the neighborhood who specializes in finding cures for all kinds of sicknesses through non-traditional forms of medicine. Josefina joins the Doctor and the towns people in a joint effort to fool Doña Suncha into thinking that all of the items (sewing machine, a pair of shoes, a whole pig and chicken, etc.) taken out of her son are the actual items he ate. At the end of the story, everyone lets Doña Suncha in on why they fooled her. Both Doña Suncha and the boy learn their lessons, and thus "Plenópera" ends on a happy note!