Tramps Like Us: Bruce Springsteen Tribute - BB King's Blues Club & Grill

Date: 02/28/13
Ages: AD
242 W. 42nd St. - 212-997-4144
New York, NY

Description: With a repertoire of more than 100 songs, Tramps Like Us is dedicated to enjoying and sharing Springsteen's music in a live setting. Unlike other "tribute" bands, who attempt to impersonate or emulate their source in every respect, from looks to clothing and gestures, Tramps Like Us concentrates on the music itself. The group captures the Springsteen sound and the true spirit and energy of the songs, delivering them with the passion and conviction of The Boss. In keeping with the tradition of a typical Springsteen concert, Tramps prides itself on long and intense concerts, often playing three-and-a-half to four-hour shows, at times without a break. Tramps has been able to cover up to 36 songs on any given night. Find out for yourself why E Street Radio says: "If you're a big Bruce fan, you've probably seen tribute bands ... and the best of them all is Tramps like us."