What Makes Our Anger Right or Wrong, or, What Can We Learn from Dr. Martin Luther King? - Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Date: 01/19/13
Hours: 11am-12:15pm
Ages: YE,TW
Price: $8
141 Greene St. - 212-777-4490
SoHo, NY 10012

Description: At school, in the parks and playgrounds, on the street, even in their own home, children can be frightened and perplexed, not only about the anger they see all too often around them, but also the anger they have. That class will be a children's event of great cultural importance and immediacy. The class is for boys and girls ages 5 through 12 and is taught by Aesthetic Realism consultants Barbara Allen and Robert Murphy. Boys and girls in this class will learn about the courageous life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As they do, they will be learning something crucial for their own lives which Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism, showed: there are two kinds of anger, and knowing the difference is an emergency. There is an anger that is ugly, making for pain, cruelty, even tragedy, and one that is beautiful, on behalf of kindness and respect.