The ADHD Focus Diet: Eight Rules to Live By - West End Day School

Date: 02/06/13
Hours: 6:30-8pm
Ages: AD
Price: $20
255 W. 71st St. - 212-873-5708
Upper West Side, NY 10023

Description: Parents frequently ask whether they can change their child's symptoms by changing their diets. Jillian Burne, a certified holistic health coach who works with Dr. Ned Hallowell's Hallowell Center in New York, says yes. She has fine-tuned some of the more well known diets to come up with an approach that addresses three important issues that affect attention: blood sugar, inflammation, and gut health. These eight rules aren't new. What's new is combining them into one approach that's easy to implement and gets results. Jillian Burne, CHC, received her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She's worked with the Hallowell Center since 2011. Her practice includes helping children and adults manage ADHD using diet and lifestyle solutions.