New Year Fire Cracker Ceremony - Sara Roosevelt Park

Date: 02/10/13
Hours: 11am
Ages: All
Grand Street and Forsyth Street - 917-660-2402
Chinatown, NY

Description: To mark the first day of the 2012 Lunar New Year, kick off with 600,000 rounds of colorful firecrackers, prepared by highly trained detonation specialists, a traditional Lunar New Year practice believed to scare away evil spirits. After opening ceremonies, a dozen Lion, Dragon and Unicorn dance troupes will march down the main streets of Chinatown (Mott, Bowery, East Broadway, Bayard, Elizabeth, and Pell) to help ring in the New Year. A massive festival will be in the heart of Chinatown that will feature all-day cultural performances by traditional and contemporary Asian and Asian-American signers and dancers, along with food vendors and promotional booths.