Science Cafe featuring NYT bestselling author Dan Ariely - The Yale Club of New York, Grand Ballroom

Date: 02/06/13
Hours: 6pm
Ages: AD
50 Vanderbilt Ave. - 202-572-3023
New York, NY 10017

Description: Bestselling author, Dan Ariely, speaks about leading more sensible – if not rational– lives. One challenge is what’s good for us right now is often not what is good for us in the long term. For example, dieting and saving are not so much fun now, but good for the future. When faced with such tradeoffs, we often focus on the short term rather than long term goals and get ourselves into trouble. By understanding where we fall short, there are methods we can use to overcome our natural inclinations. RSVP today at or call 202-572-3023.