Songs of America: Art Garfunkel with Charles Grodin - Paley Center for Media

Date: 02/06/13
Hours: 6:30pm
Ages: AD
Price: $25
25 W. 52nd St. (btw. 5th & 6th Aves.) - 212-621-6600

Description: Art Garfunkel Charles Grodin Moderator: Bruce Fretts, Articles Editor, TV Guide 1969 America through the Eyes and Songs of Simon and Garfunkel Few documentaries were as controversial and evocative of the late sixties as Songs of America, featuring Simon and Garfunkel on tour and in the studio. Conceived and written by Charles Grodin, Paul Simon, and Art Garfunkel and directed by Charles Grodin in 1969, Songs of America used the duo's music in overtly political montages to comment on the turbulent times. So many classic Simon and Garfunkel tunes are heard or performed throughout this resonant journey, including "Homeward Bound," "The Boxer," "The Sound of Silence," and "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Following this rare public screening, Garfunkel and Grodin, who had worked together on the feature Catch-22, will discuss the making of their documentary and the controversy surrounding the sponsor, AT&T removing their name.