Priscilla Stuckey To Discuss Her Book - Bluestockings Bookstore

Date: 02/06/13
Hours: 7-9pm
Ages: All
172 Allen St. - (323) 304-2433
New York, NY 10002

Description: What kind of world have we created with the story of Earth as a machine? In Kissed by a Fox: And Other Stories of Friendship in Nature, writer, scholar, and Earth-advocate Priscilla Stuckey examines the mechanistic Western story about humans and nature, challenging preconceptions about economics, politics, and religion—and about ourselves. "[An] entertaining and emotionally resonant book." ––Publishers Weekly. "Priscilla Stuckey explores our Western spiritual and political choices and argues for a new approach to nature, all of it….an artful and engaging narrative." ––Story Circle Book Reviews Website for more info: