Concrete Escort I, II, III, IV - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Date: 03/22/13
Hours: 6 & 8pm
Ages: All
Price: $20
1071 Fifth Ave. - 212-423-3500
New York, NY 10128

Description: New York-based Japanese performance artist Ei Arakawa invites painters, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, and archivists to form a temporal group addressing Gutai today. Resulting in a performative exhibition tour of Gutai: Splendid Playground where the audience will be escorted and repositioned, emphasis will be on the power dynamic within Gutai, women and men, singularity and plurality, and performance and painting. Tasked to communicate the diversity of Gutai activities, each tour takes a different route through the exhibition. Followed by a reception. For tickets and more information, visit