Souleymane Badolo with Cynthia Oliver - Barak and Buudou, BADOO, BADOLO - New York Live Arts

Date: 04/25/13 through 04/27/13
Ages: All
219 W. 19th St. - 212-924-0077
New York, NY

Description: Born in Burkina Faso, choreographer and performer Souleymane Badolo's African heritage is a driving force in his work. The evening will include a new work guided by the Gurunsi divination system bagger, a ritual where form and structure are suggested through the meaning inherent in thrown cowrie shells. Also on the program, Buudou, BADOO, BADOLO is inspired by Badolo's rich family legacy as it traces the journey of his great-great-grandfather; the lessons his father taught him; and the responsibility he feels to his own son about their ancestry. BOOM!, a new duet by Cynthia Oliver featuring Oliver and Leslie Cuyjet, opens the performance program. A nugget of a larger work to come, BOOM! exposes and manipulates notions of building a life and a relationship - of a woman to herself, her history, her present and future. Negotiating and renegotiating the rules of personhood, fate and consequence, BOOM! simultaneously reveals, resists and submits to the structures and shape of a performance.