Why Wasn't Lassie a Wolf? A Scientific Exploration of Dogs - Wolf Conservation Center

Date: 03/16/13
Hours: 2pm
Ages: All
Price: $16; $13 children younger than age 12
7 Buck Run - 914-763-2373
South Salem, NY 10590

Description: Wherever there are people, there are dogs. But how well do we really know this extraordinary species that holds such a special place in our lives? Recently, there has been an explosion of research across the globe that helps us understand dogs and their perspective. Julie Hecht, canine behavioral researcher and science writer, will share exciting research into what dogs know, understand, and perceive. We can now begin to answer questions like: Why do dogs appear so receptive to human emotions? Could dogs have evolved particular behaviors to communicate specifically with humans? And what is going on with that "guilty look?" These findings can enhance our relationships with our four-legged friends! Julie's interactive program is exciting and informative for audiences of all ages and will include live demonstrations (with dogs!). Pre-registration is required.