Special Lecture: Adders' Mouths and Ladies' Tresses: The Colorful World of Native Orchids - The New York Botanical Garden

Date: 03/02/13
Hours: 4pm
Ages: All
Price: $57
2900 Southern Blvd. - 718-817-8700
Bronx, NY 10458

Description: The Torrey Botanical Society presents David Taft, Chair of Conservation Committee of the Greater New York Orchid Society, and Supervisor of National Park Service Gateway National Recreation Area, as speaker at its first talk of the year. Find out what makes an orchid an orchid, what the "orchid mystique" is all about, and why we should care about the preservation of plants and wild spaces in and near our cities. Orchids are stand-outs even in the best habitats, and it still surprises some that they are neither exclusively tropical nor tender hothouse darlings. In fact, many can be found growing throughout our temperate, heavily developed northeast. It is easy to dismiss the increasingly fragmented, troubled, pockets of woodlands, wetlands, and other natural habitats which persist even in our most urbanized areas, but orchids and other botanical riches can still be found in many. Mr. Taft's interest in native orchids has lured him into beautiful, outlandish, terribly disturbed, and sometimes simply ridiculous "wild spaces" throughout the northeast--some of which actually do occasionally harbor orchids. Join him in this refreshing survey of our native orchid species.