Shabbat Shabbang: Friday Night Dinners at the JCC - The JCC In Manhattan

Date: 02/22/13
Hours: 7-9pm
Ages: All
Price: $18
334 Amsterdam Ave. - 347-604-3964
76th Street
New York, NY 10023

Description: Join us for Shabbat rituals, buffet dinner and a choice of programs. Shabbat Shabbang is a Friday night dinner designed to welcome our community into our building for a fabulous meal, new friends and fascinating program offerings. We begin our evening in the lobby sharing appetizers and Shabbat rituals before making our way to our chosen program. Finally after our delicious dairy meal and our signature performances or lectures, we come together again for dessert and coffee. A warm and bright way to begin a weekend, Shabbat Shabbat ushers you in and brings you home. PROGRAM CHOICES – Choose 1 of the 4 programs listed below! Shadow Show - Join us for a whimsical and beautiful show projecting still and moving images onto a 20 foot spherical bubble while performers use shadow puppets to tell the Purim story. Based on well-known musical theater, pop and rock tunes, you will never forget this incredible blend of artistry and dazzling performance. The Culture of Violence in America - Rabbi Steve Gutow, President and CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, spearheaded the Zichronam Livracha campaign for a comprehensive approach to end gun violence. In this fascinating conversation, Rabbi Gutow asks the questions: Can the faith community make a difference? Does the Jewish Community Have a Role to Play? Young Professionals Beer & Games! - Who doesn't love a good game night? Join us for a beautiful Shabbat dinner complete with great food, great beer, and old school games. From Pictionary to Poker & Taboo to Trivial Pursuit we'll have something for everyone and prizes for the winners. Let the games begin! A Night of Klezmer and Yiddish - Be our guest as the singer and flutist Eléonore Weill draws you into her beautiful music accompanied by a tsimbl, accordion and the beat of our hands. COST: $18 ALL WHEN: Friday February 22nd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm WHERE: The JCC In Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Avenue @ 76th Street, New York, New York 10023 For more information, or to register, please call 646-505-5708.