Kids with Cameras- Making Movies - Center at Maple Grove Cemetery

Date: 03/02/13
Hours: 2-4pm
Ages: TW,TE
Price: $10
127 -15 Kew Gardens Rd. - 347-878 6614
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Description: Interested in making movies? Creative kids and film buffs alike can enjoy this experiential educational program seeking to provide students ages 11-15 with the opportunity to learn the art of documentary filmmaking with the guidance of industry professionals. Students will learn to identify various forms of documentary filmmaking ranging from MTV reality to the traditional narrative made popular by Ken Burns. Students will learn to develop a story idea all the way through to the interview, and learn to effectively use a video camera and proper sound recording. Lastly, students will edit footage and use soundtracks to further shape their story into a powerful, visual form. Kids with Cameras honors the great Hollywood Era Film Director Irving Rapper, who is interred at Maple Grove. Pre-registration required.