The Bedtime Routine: Feeding and Sleep Strategies for Moms of 2 - Prenatal Yoga Center

Date: 03/12/13
Hours: 2:30-3:30pm
Ages: AD
Price: $25 in advance; $30 at the door
251 W. 72nd St. - 212-362-2985
Upper West Side, NY 10023

Description: Are you a new mom of two? Come ask questions and discuss the following: - Sibling prep strategies and ways to help your big kid adjust after the new arrival - Ways for you to streamline your bedtime routine; how to successfully transition through bath time, pajamas, brushing teeth, and reading stories - How to "divide and conquer" with your partner if they are home or how to survive if you do bedtime solo - Ways to avoid battles and actually enjoy this time of the day with your children - How you can find quality time with each of your kids as part of the routine - Nursing/feeding strategies and how to keep your big kid busy while you feed and get the baby down. - How to prepare your big kid for sharing his/her space and how to logistically set up the room as well as general preparation for the new baby There will also be "Siblings Sharing a Room" sleep tips which were developed in partnership with the professional sleep consultants at Dream Team Baby.