Suave and the Boner - Duplex Cabaret Theater

Date: 03/15/13
Hours: 7-8:10pm
Ages: AD
Price: $15/ 2-drink minimum
61 Christopher St. - 212-255-5438 (tickets)
7th Ave.
New York, NY 10012

Description: Suave and the Boner premier their new cabaret at The Duplex March 15 at 7pm. Liz Rubino and John Paul Boukis drag the double entendre to new depths in this gender-bent, steampunk addition to New York Cabaret Month. "Suave and the Boner" is a gender-bent, steampunk reinvention of the Victorian music hall tradition of double entendre songs. Boukis and writing partner Terry Waltz co-write original music for the show, inaugurating racy songs in a familiar vaudeville style, from “Look At The Size Of That Pickle” to “It’s Getting Very Crowded In My Box (At The Opera)”. Waltz is also the duo’s pianist. She creates new arrangements of music hall and vaudeville classics with Mr. Boukis updating lyrics on antique gems like “Nobody Loves a Fairy When She’s Forty” and “The Pheasant Plucker’s Son”. Rick Hamilton, director of Off-Broadway-bound "Fabulous" directs.