Ocean Science Sunday: Most EGGS-cellent Celebration! - Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum

Date: 04/07/13
Hours: ages 3-6: 1pm; ages 6-12: 3pm
Price: $8 per child; adults general admission
301 Main St. - 631-367-3418
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Description: Celebrate spring by learning about egg-laying ocean animals, from sharks to whelks. Touch a scrimshawed ostrich egg and see what you discover on an egg hunt in the museum. Decorate a Faberge Egg and hatch your own real eggs that grow into ancient shrimp from the Triassic age. The museum supplies a little habitat for your tiny, easy pet to grow in (lifespan is 1-2 months). RSVP Required 1 week prior.