“Children with Special Needs:The Impact on Parenting, Family Life and Relationships” by Dr. Judy Grossman - West End Day School

Date: 04/24/13
Hours: 6:30-8pm
Ages: AD
Price: $20
255 W. 71st St. - 212-873-5708
Upper West Side, NY 10023

Description: Having a child with special needs affects everyone in the family. It creates stress beyond the typical strains and worries of parenting. Do you have concerns about co-parenting challenges and time for the couple relationship? Do you worry about sibling rivalry and giving enough attention to your other children? Do you feel misunderstood or isolated from extended family or friends? Join Dr. Judy Grossman of the Ackerman Institute for the Family to learn how you can promote healthy family relationships. The discussion will highlight sibling issues and strategies to meet the needs of each child. Dr. Judy Grossman is Director of the Resilient Families: Children with Special Needs Project and a faculty member at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She is a couples and family therapist, occupational therapist, researcher and consultant to community agencies and schools. She lectures nationally on family resilience, mental health promotion, and family-centered special education programs and policies.