Yoga Game Night! - Karma Kids Yoga

Date: 04/12/13
Hours: 6:30-8:30pm
Ages: YE,TW,TE
Price: $35
104 W. 14th St. - 646-638-1444
West Village, NY 10011

Description: A fun-filled evening of creative yoga games that help to build focus, balance, and concentration, as well as enhance teamwork and an overall sense of friendship and community. Kids will play favorites including Yoga Yoga Pose, Tall Tree Small Tree, Toe-Ga, Big Booty, Obstacle Course, Peacock-Tail Tag, Drumbeat Hands, What Are You Doing, Wrong Room, The Yes Game, Family Snapshot, and more. Class will include the opportunity to stretch, hoop, dance, and sing all night. Milk and cookies will be served.