TUALGCS: Drums Along The Potomac - A Global Go-Go Fantasia - Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Date: 05/16/13
Hours: 7:30 & 9:30pm
Ages: All
David Rubenstein Atrium, 61 W. 62nd St. - 212 205 6632
New York, NY 10023

Description: The Upper Anacostia-Lower Gold Coast Symphonic is a collaborative experimental ensemble composed of Greg Tate (conduction/guitar/laptop), Marc Cary (piano), talking drum master Abou Mboup, tabla master, Sameer Gupta, poet Thomas Sayers Ellis, noted Washington, D.C. go-go players, Donnell Floyd, Go-Go Mickey & Kenny "Kwick" Gross, and musicians from Tate's Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber. On the one year anniversary of go-go godfather Chuck Brown's passing, TUALGCS will debut a romantic orchestral go-go suite inspired by spiritual-jazz balladry from the 1970s and the work of such great Washington, DC cartographers in verse as Sterling Brown, Essex Hemphill, Jonetta Barras, Edward P. Jones, Rita Dove, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Monica Hand, Toni Asante Lightfoot, and Etthelbert Miller.