How Can You Be True to Yourself? - Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Date: 04/28/13
Hours: 2:30pm-4pm
Ages: TE
Price: $15
141 Greene St. - 2127774490
New York, NY 10012

Description: The most important question for every person—at this time in history and at any time—is: "How can I be true to myself?" On Sunday, April 28, at 2:30 PM, the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company will present a dramatic and musical event that asks and answers this question, authenti¬cally, compelling¬ly. It will take place at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, a not-for-profit educational foundation, in SoHo, New York City. The Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company presents poet and critic Eli Siegel's great lecture "What Is Individuality?" About Hermann Sudermann's play Magda, this moving event has many scenes—magnificently acted—from the play, featuring Carrie Wilson as Magda. And Part 2 is "Mozart, Individuality, & You!": Mozart's Flute Concerto in D, with performance and commentary by Barbara Allen on flute and Edward Green on piano. People attending will be moved to their depths and have a wonderful time!