Harborlore Opening Celebration: Sailing the Symbolic in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Public Library, central branch

Date: 05/11/13
Hours: 4pm
Ages: TW,TE,AD
10 Grand Army Plaza - 718-230-2100
Prospect Heights, NY 11238

Description: Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) launches its spring festival Harborlore with a cross-cultural sampling of the many ways diverse Brooklynites make use of water-based symbols in ritual, song, and dance. In performance, demonstrations, and discussion, traditional artists and scholars convene to explore Caribbean cargo songs, sea shanty singing, Sri Lankan fishing dances, Guyanese water spirits, the boat symbolism of the Italian giglio feast in Williamsburg, and the Norwegian Viking Fest in Bay Ridge. Also included are the water purification rites of Jewish tashlich and the memorial uses of water in the African -American Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage at Coney Island. Moderated by BAC folklorist, Kay Turner, this gathering also focuses attention on ways that cultural knowledge about water should be part of our post-Sandy commitment to new thinking about preparedness and resilience.