The Intergalactic Nemesis, Book One: 'Target Earth' Free Show Preview and Q&A - The Drama Bookshop

Date: 04/04/13
Hours: 5-6:30pm
250 W. 40th St. - 646-223-3065
Times Square, NY 10018

Description: Catch a free preview performance of THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESISBOOK ONE: "TARGET EARTH," a sci-fi, live-action graphic novel in which three actors, a Foley artist, and musician perform all the voices, sound effects, and music for full color, hand-drawn comic book panels. Meet the artists that bring to life the inquisitive, Pulitzer-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her courageous and comic assistant Timmy Mendez and a librarian named Ben, who team up to travel universe-wide, conquer villains and battle romance all the way to Robot Planet, where they must take on the evil (and sludgy) Zygonians that are threatening the very future of humanity! THE INTERGALACTIC NEMESISBOOK ONE: "TARGET EARTH" will run at The New Victory Theater, 209 W. 42nd St. from April 5 through 13. After an introduction from Jason Neulander, the show's writer, director, and producer, the cast will perform an excerpt from the show. The event will conclude with a Q&A session and autograph signing. This event is free and open to the public. Copies of "The Intergalactic Nemesis Book One: 'Target Earth'" will also be available for purchase.