'The Firework Makers Daughter' - The New Victory Theater

Date: 05/03/13
Hours: 7pm
Ages: TW,TE,AD
Price: $14-$38
209 W. 42nd St. - 646-223-3010
Times Square, NY 10036

Description: Based on the enchanting novel by acclaimed author Philip Pullman ("His Dark Materials" trilogy), this captivating new opera tells the story of one girl's quest to become a firework maker. Determined to master Crackle Dragons, Leaping Monkeys and Golden Sneezes, Lila tests her talents and gambles her good fortune as she parlays with pirates, grapples with ghosts and faces off with a ferocious fire-fiend. Featuring an internationally-inspired score by David Bruce and a witty libretto by Glyn Maxwell, "The Firework Makers Daughter" ignites with performances by New York's Metropolis Ensemble chamber orchestra, led by Grammy-nominated conductor Andrew Cyr, and a cast of five artists who enliven handcrafted puppets from Cambridge's Indefinite Articles. Set in a fantastical land where animals talk, goddesses reign and imps dwell, "The Firework Makers Daughter" is pure dynamite.