'The Girl Who Forgot To Sing Badly' - The Duke on 42nd Street

Date: 06/07/13
Hours: 7pm
Price: $25
229 W. 42nd St. - 646-223-3010
Times Square, NY 10036

Description: Peggy and her parents are packers. They pack fruit into tins, foxes into boxes, even the longest word in the dictionary into a single breath. They pack a lot into every day. But, one day, when the phone stops ringing and the jobs stop coming, the real adventure begins. Storyteller extraordinaire Louis Lovett single-handedly guides the audience through every epic high and lowly low, switching seamlessly from hero to villain and man to mouse. Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer and directed by Lynne Parker, "The Girl Who Forgot To Sing Badly" is a fantastical yarn about a young heroine with the voice of an angel (an angel who can't sing at all) who knows it's up to her to save the day and rescue her entire city. This winsome production hits one heck of a high note.