The Ultimate Science Street Fair - Washington Square Park

Date: 06/02/13
Hours: 10am-6pm
University Place and Waverly Place - 646-495-9721
Greenwich Village, NY 10011

Description: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into science through all-new interactive exhibits, games, shows, and performances at the 6th Annual Ultimate Science Street Fair. Aspiring scientists of all ages investigate in "Science Circles" of biology, climate change, energy, math and technology, chemistry and more. You'll even get to become a Scientist's Apprentice by logging experiences throughout the day. Join Nobel laureates, scientists, researchers, and figures from sports and entertainment to illuminate the amazing science that lies behind virtually every aspect of modern life. Start your full day of fun and inspiration by producing energy through a soccer ball, planting a garden that grows up ... and in water, compare a walrus tooth to a warthog tooth, and even learn how to code your own computer game. Not enough? Learn how to pollinate insects in a grease-powered bus, become a real crime scene investigator, extract DNA from a banana, and learn how your brain works. That's just some of the great science you'll experience, along with the American Museum of Natural History, Hudson River Museum, Carmelo the Science Fellow, The New York Botanical Garden, Solar One...and you!