Alain Buffard - Baron Samedi - New York Live Arts

Date: 05/01/14 through 05/03/14
Ages: All
Price: $20
219 W. 19th St. - 212-924-0077
New York, NY

Description: First performed in April 2012 at the Theatre de Nimes in France, Alain Buffard's Baron Samedi is named after a Haitian "Vaudou" spirit. A tutelary figure for the work, Baron Samedi invokes ghosts, extracts the perfect dancing body and is a symbol of visibility in life and invisibility in death. Featuring an international cast including Nadia Beugre, David Thomson and Will Rawls (among others), Buffard, continuing his longstanding connection with music as thematic source material, harnessing the music of Kurt Weill performed by live musicians to bring Baron Samedi to life.