Shark Yoga! - Karma Kids Yoga

Date: 07/02/13
Hours: 3:30-5pm
Ages: TOD,YE
Price: $55 per child
104 W. 14th St. - 646-638-1444
West Village, NY 10011

Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come face to face with the top predators of the ocean? This summer, go dive deep into the depths of the ocean to come face to face with Great Whites, Hammerheads, Sand Tigers and all the amazing sharks that live off the coasts of New York, Mexico, California, Africa and Australia. Join Shark lover and protector, Laura Frye, as she takes you on a yoga adventure into the deep blue sea to find out why sharks are some of the most important creatures in the ocean and why it's your job to be Super Yoga Shark Savers! Strap on your scuba gear as we travel around the world in search of the oldest fish on the planet. We will learn exciting shark facts and shark poses, test our size against that of a full grown Great White Shark, learn about the mysterious dinosaur of the sea, the Megalodon Shark, decorate a Shark Saver beach bag, taste delicious shark shaped cookies and get cool shark tattoos. The best part: you will adopt your very own Great White Shark from the World Wildlife Federation. This is a lot of shark fun that you don't want to miss! Space is limited. For ages 3-7 years. Price includes Great White Shark adoption and beach tote.