Westmoreland's Critter Days - Westmoreland Sanctuary

Date: 09/08/13
Hours: 2-3:30pm
Ages: All
Price: $5
260 Chestnut Ridge Road - 9124-666-8448
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Description: This new program allows visitors to meet the Sanctuary's resident animals. Ever wondered what animal you saw in your yard? Why the woodpecker is pecking on your house? Kids begging you for an exotic pet? Then this is the program for you. A staff member will be on hand to answer visitors' questions regarding animals, general wildlife queries, and even exotics. Pet Buster the rabbit, see if Bert the corn snake feels hot or cold to the touch, and find out what it takes to keep all the animals healthy and happy. Contact Animal Curator, Lisa Ricker for details at lricker@westmorelandsanctuary.org.