Cinderella's Glass Slipper - Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts

Date: 09/21/13
Hours: Sat 2pm; Sun 11am ?
Ages: TOD,YE
Price: $15
2 E. Main St. - 631-724-3700
Smithtown, NY 11720

Description: Cinderella works hard in the home of her cruel stepmother. Her silly stepsisters, Brunhilda and Cleopatra, see themselves as beautiful and think the prince will marry them. Of course, the handsome prince spends most of the evening at a palace ball trying to escape from them. The story is ages old, but you'll meet playful new characters in this fresh adaptation. This well-known classic is filled with songs by Bill Francoeur that create their own magic, such as the prologue "Once Upon a Time," the stepsisters' "Ladies of Fashion" and Cinderella's "Dream of Tomorrow."