'The World's Largest Dinosaurs' - The American Museum of Natural History

Date: 04/16/11 through 01/02/12
Hours: Open 10am-5:45pm daily through January 2, 2012
Ages: All
Price: Suggested museum admission: $16; $12 seniors and students; $9 children ages 2-12
Central Park West at 79th Street - 212-769-5100
Upper West Side, NY 10024

Description: This exhibit will take visitors beyond the bones and into the amazing anatomy of a uniquely super-sized group of dinosaurs who thrived for 140 million years: the long-necked and long-tailed sauropods. Interactive exhibits ? including the centerpiece, a life-sized model of a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus ? will take visitors inside these giants' bodies, shedding light on how an extremely large animal breathes, eats, moves, and survives.