NTD Chinese International Figure Painting Competition - Salmagundi Art Club

Date: 11/28/11 through 12/03/11
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47 Fifth Avenue - 212-736-8535 10003

Description: Art has the ability to connect with the beholder, to uplift the spirit and to give hope. For oil painting, its technical aspects reached maturity during the Renaissance and flourished for the next few hundred years. However, in the last century, modern art has consciously proceeded down a different path in terms of subject matter and technical rigor. With an eye towards tradition, the NTD Chinese International Figure Painting Competition aims to restore the artistic ideals of the past. Using classical Western realistic methods, artists of Chinese descent from around the world will display some of the best works of art created during this period of history. Expect to feel uplifted and refreshed from the beauty and purity these artists have sought to capture on canvas. Free Admission. Exhibition of Works: Nov 28th - Dec 3rd, 2011 Award Ceremony and Reception: Saturday, Dec 3rd, 1.30pm. About New Tang Dynasty Television - Established in December 2001, New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television is a non-profit television broadcaster and the only independent Chinese-language television that transmits uncensored information into China. Headquartered in Manhattan, NTD is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information to viewers worldwide. As a vital news source, NTD reported on the SARS outbreak in China three weeks before Beijing admitted to its existence. ?NTD is the largest Chinese cultural event producer outside of China. Since 2007, NTD has presented the Global Competition Series in an effort to preserve and celebrate the essence and beauty of authentic Chinese culture and promote cultural exchange around the world.