Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body - Long Island Children's Museum

Date: 05/27/11 through 09/04/11
Hours: 10am-5pm
Ages: All
Price: $10 museum admission
11 Davis Ave. - 516-224-5800
Garden City, NY 11530

Description: Explore why your body produces mushy, oozy, crusty, scaly and stinky gunk. Take a "Tour du Nose" to explore 10 nasal features, including how your nose acts as an air filter, a smell sensor and a mucus producer. Play the pinball game "Gas Attack" by scoring off bumpers dressed up as food items that cause gas. Mimic the build up of acid indigestion by causing the "Burp Machine" to release a giant belch. Take a ride on the GI slide, climb a large-scale replica of human skin, and discover other mysterious ways your body's biology does what it needs to do to keep you healthy. The exhibition runs through September 4.