"The Magdalene: A Musical Play" - Theatre at Saint Clement's

Date: 06/14/11 through 09/04/11
Hours: 7pm Tuesday; 8pm Wednesday-Friday; 2pm and 8pm Saturday; 3pm Sunday. Through September 4
Ages: TE,AD
Price: $28-$39 (use code MARK611 for discount)
423 W. 46th Street - 212-352-3101
Manhattan, NY 10036

Description: A contemporary musical about Mary Magdalene and her powerful relationship with the man known to the world as Jesus Christ. This ultra-progressive story is inspired by the recent discovery of alternative biblical gospels - "The Gnostic Gospels." In this passionate musical about religion and sacrifice, Mary and Yeshua are destined to become husband and wife, and face together the dangerous and corrupt powers of the time - the Roman Empire and the church - battling not only new religious ideas, but also the opposition to empowering women.